Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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POEM - 013
'The Bell Rock Lighthouse'
David Carey


Now on the beach
How sweet to sit, while darkness wraps the earth,
And view the varying light gleam o'er the deep
From beacon tower, high raised among the waves,
Far, far from land, upon the sea-beat rock.
As the evening star, emerging from the veil
Of a deep cloud, with dim and feeble ray,
First strikes the wand'rer's eye—thus shines the light :
But now 'tis gone—swift swallowed 'mid the gloom :
Again it trembles on the straining eye,
And still it waxes strong—and now the beam
In brightest glory shines, then swift declines,
Trembles, then disappears, and all is dark :
'T is seen again : but now of bloody hue,
As dark red meteor rising from the sea,
Dreadful prognostic in the stormy hour ;
Awhile it gleams upon the daunted eye,
Then disappears, and all is gloom around.

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The Round-O

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