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POEM - 010
'Lily Moore'
A. S. Watt


THE sun gaed doon o'er Keptie Hill,
To some far foreign shore,
When first on Seaton's flowery lea
I met sweet Lily Moore.

O, blithesome was this heart o' mine,
Inclined to wander then
Wi' her, sweet Queen o' Paradise !
In Seaton's flowery Den.

I yet may spy the wimplin' brook,
The lonely trystin' tree,
Where, side by side, we sat an' watched
The moon rise o'er the sea.

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I yet may walk on Sabbath e'en
A' through the bonnie glen,
Past 'Maiden Hill,' an' a' the coves
'Tween Ness an' Seaton Den.

But, ah ! my love I canna spy ;
She's gane far o'er the sea :
Three thousand miles o' water roll
Atween my love an' me.

I hae nae wish for gowd or gear ;
Its worth I dinna ken ;
But bring me back my Lily Moore
To Seaton's flowery Den.
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