Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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POEM - 005
'The Bonnie Lass O' Cairnie'
G. W. Donald


AIR— 'Loch Erroch-side.'

'T WAS on a sultry summer's day,
When Nature smiled in sunny May,
I met a lassie, fair and gay,
Amang the braes o' Cairnie.

Her gracefu' mien an' modest air
Proclaimed her fairest o' the fair,
But lured my heart to love's fell snare,
Amang the braes o' Cairnie.

The gowden locks that screened her broo,
Hung doon her cheeks o' rosy hue ;
Her lips were wat wi' honey dew,
The bonnie Lass o' Cairnie.

Her een were bright as starnies twa,
Her bosom white as virgin snaw
When Winter wreaths St. Mary's Law,
An' haps the knowes o' Cairnie.

Frae sic a face, frae sic a form
I felt the power o' ilka charm,
An' langed t' shield the fair frae harm,
The bonnie Lass o' Cairnie.

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I said, 'My lass, gif sae it be
That ane sae fair could won wi' me,
I'll lo'e thee till the day I dee,
My bonnie Lass o' Cairnie.'

She turned awa—she said nae mair
Than this, which gies me muckle care :
'Your love to me you weel may spare,—
The lad I loe's in Cairnie.'

An' now, while ithers, blithe an' free,
At e'enin join the younkers' glee,
I saunter lanely ower the lea,
An' sigh, 'The Lass o' Cairnie !'

Ye birds that round St. Vigeans sing
To welcome in the flowery spring,
Like you I've garr'd the echoes ring
Amang the braes o' Cairnie.

But now I cower to hide my pain
Frae ilka nymph an' ilka swain,
An' sigh an' sing this dowie strain,—
'Fareweel ! fareweel to Cairnie!'
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The Round-O

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