Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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001. Patrick Allan Fraser, H.R.S.A., of Hospitalfield, Arbroath.
002. David Corsar, The Elms, Arbroath.
003. William Hannay Corsar, Cairniehill, Arbroath.
004. Charles Webster Corsar, Seaforth, Arbroath.
005. Mrs. Crerar-Gilbert, Yorkhill House, Glasgow.
006. William Kid Macdonald, Town Clerk, Windmill House, Arbroath.
007. James Matheson M 'Bain, Banker, Arbroath.
008. James Muir, Abbey Bank, Arbroath.
009. John P. Kyd, 1 Duntrune Terrace, West Ferry.
010. John Chisholm, North Bank, Perth.
011. George Livingston Rorie, Manager Aberdeen Town and County Bank.
012. William Sim, 4 St. Bernard Crescent, Edinburgh.
013. George Miln, Springfield Terrace, Arbroath.
014. Alexander Stephen, Linthouse, Govan, Lord Dean of Guild, Glasgow.
015. John Stephen, Linthouse, Govan.
016. J. R. Findlay, 3 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh.
017. P. Leonard, M.D., R.N., Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets, Plaisance, Highfield Hill, Upper Norwood, London, S.E.
018. Alexander Gardyne, 244 Richmond Road, Hackney, London.
019. James Shanks, Rosely, Arbroath.
020. William Webster, Bellevue House, Arbroath.
021. James G. Orchar, Engineer, Dundee.
022. Alexander Gordon, Ashludie.
023. James Keith, Gas and Water Engineer, Arbroath and Edinburgh.
024. Alexander Reid, Provost of Arbroath.
025. Thomas A. Croal, 16 London Street, Edinburgh.
026. Andrew Lowson, Elm Bank, Arbroath.
027. James Anderson Dickson, of Woodville, Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant, Commanding Angus Rifle Volunteers.
028. Right Hon. W. E. Baxter, of Kincaldrum, M.P.
029. The Earl of Dalhousie, Panmure House.
030. David Salmond, J.P., Gawthorpe Hall, Bingley, Yorkshire.
031. Peter Carmichael of Arthurstone, Meigle.
032. The late Captain H. H Robertson-Aikman, of Ross and Broomelton, Hamilton.
033. Sir William A. Ogg, Hampton House, Brentwood, Essex.
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037. Richard Scott, Baker, 41 Barngreen, Arbroath.
038. Alexander Ritchie, S.S.C., 18 St. Bernard Crescent, Edinburgh.
039. Claud C. Strachan-Carnegie, of Tarrie.
040. Colonel Reginald H. A. Ogilvy, Yr. of Baldovan.
041. Alexander Buncle, M.B. Edin., Purstone, Pontefract.
042. John M. L. Macdonald, Wallahbadah, New South Wales.
043. O. G. Miller, St. Fort., Dundee.
044. Thomas H. Cox, of Maulesden, Brechin.
045. James A. Henderson, Buenos Ayres.
046. George Hay, Editor of 'The Arbroath Guide.'
047. John Adam, 22 Findhorn Place, Edinburgh.
049. Henry Gibson Anderson, Buenos Ayres.
050. Mrs. James Gibson, Downieken.


Extracted from 'Round about the Round O with its Poets', 1883.

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The Round-O

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