Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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To all, far and near,
who have associations

Round about The Round O
with its Poets


The drawings by John Adam, Edinburgh
Reproduced by Amand Durand, Paris

Published in Arbroath by
Thomas Buncle, Printers 1883

Edited, with notes,
by George Hay, F. S. A. Scot.
Author of the History of Arbroath
A piece of antique Scottish literature
"This book owes its existence to the desire of the publisher that Arbroath and its neighbourhood, a district with which he has been long connected, should receive worthy pictorial illustration. The pictures will probably be regarded by subscribers, and by all into whose hands the book may fall, as its chief attraction. These speak for themselves, but it may be mentioned here that the publisher was fortunate in obtaining the services of Mr. John Adam, Edinburgh, for the drawings. Mr. Adam is himself an Arbroath man, and I believe has thrown into his part of the work - a very important part - much of the love which he bears for his native place. The engravings are faithful reproductions of the drawings by M. Durand's admirable héliogravure process."

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"With regard to the letterpress department, it was considered that a book poetically descriptive of the district - its scenery and legends - would be interesting, particularly to Arbroath men. Mr. Buncle put into my hands a considerable mass of local verse, and from it I have made such selections as seemed to me best suited to the purpose. Preference has been given to poems having some local bearing : I have introduced, however, a few of a more general character, but by local authors. Some of the poems were written for the work, and among them are several by writers who are mentioned in the brief biographical notes as having published collected editions of their poems. Excepting a few which contain nothing of local interest, or nothing suitable for reproduction here, I have made some reference in the notes to all books of verse printed and published at Arbroath, so far as these are known to me."

"I am indebted to Mr. Alexander Gardyne, London, and to his extensive collection of the minor poetry of Scotland, for some valuable suggestions. Mr. Gardyne, who also is a native of Arbroath, has taken not a little interest in the progress of 'Round about the Round O, with it's Poets.' "

George Hay
Arbroath, November 1882.


Extracted from
'Round about the Round O with its Poets', 1883.

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The Round-O

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